Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Brett Dusek and you have landed on this page, maybe by fate or possibly by pure willfulness to generate supplemental income.

So lets get started...

My story:
My background is in web development/online marketing and I operated a business for 3 years that provided visual communications and marketing services to other design firms on a private label basis. In a nutshell, that basically meant I provided a quality visual product to other design firms and they got all the credit and applause from the clients for servicing such a nice-looking product!

Needless to say, it got old eventually.

I walked away from a decent income to join the United States Army. Whether it was out of boredom from moving to purely a management role in my business or just from outright frustration as an artist, who knows! I went from making a decent income to losing about 30% of my income and from sitting behind a desk all day to sitting inside a small little box we call "the van".

Can anyone please restrain me, I think I'm going to kick myself!

Fast forward 3 years, and my time is finally up in the armed forces. Onward to bigger better things right?

The feeling was exciting at first. Finally! I don't have to look at a black screen with green typography/symbology anymore! But then it dawned on me...

I don't have a plan b!?!

Sure I could start my business up again and eventually achieve the results I had before; however, that would take months of planning, networking, and most importantly money I don't have!

So what should my plan b...actually be?

Like the apple falling off the tree and Sir Isaac Newton having an epiphany for the Theory of Gravity, I had an epiphany!

Ok, well, not quite that exquisite, but I get lost in my exaggerations dreams!

A business associate approached me about doing a web site for him to help promote his Prepaid Legal organization. I went to a presentation to gain more knowledge and saw the product, and boom! Epiphany!

Ok, not quite an epiphany. More like...Opportunity!

"I'm in," I said!

Three weeks later, I'm now at the manager level and I have already generated $565.57.

That may not be much right now, but that pays for my car payment and gives me a little money to celebrate! That income represents only about 5 hours of effort! Yes! I absolutely want to celebrate $100/hr income!

Its a philosophy, you see. The great speaker on network marketing Jim Rohn says it best.

I can now say I am working full-time on my job, and part-time on my fortune!

Thats exciting!

So I hope anyone who is reading this now will follow my story! I intend to help all of you from start to finish accomplish the same success I am determined to achieve.

May I be in your testimonials in the future!

God Bless!

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