Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So what is Prepaid Legal?

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. provides its members, people like you and I, unlimited access to legal representation from an AV-rated attorney at an affordable cost!

How cool is that? I now have the ability to say, "I will be calling my attorney about this!" and mean it!

They also have a partnership with a company called Kroll, the world's leading risk management company, in order to provide a complete identity theft protection service. That means they will not only investigate any type of identity theft, but will also restore your identity to its previous state! In fact, Prepaid Legal is the only company who has a restoration service.

Want to know more?

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. has been in business for 36 years and is a NYSE publicly traded company. Forbes magazine just this past October named Prepaid Legal 130th out of the top 200 small businesses in the United States. Thats in the top .0016% of all small businesses! Prepaid Legal's stock has outperformed nearly every single publicly traded company on all exchanges over the past 15 years. Prepaid Legal was ranked #13 which even beat out Microsoft which was #17!

That is power! That is credibility!

Nearly 80% of the European population has a prepaid legal type service, but in the United States we only have about 3% market penetration.

Thats opportunity!

What if I asked you:

Do you keep your business options open? Would you say yes?

Would you be interested in working 5-10 hours a week to generate a supplemental income if it didn't interfere with anything you are doing now? Would you say yes?

Do you know anyone, maybe yourself even, who has gotten a moving violation, purchased a will, signed a contract, or has gotten into an automobile accident recently? I'm sure the answer is yes...

Then, you can say yes that there is a market for this product, that there is an opportunity for you, that you can do exactly what I am doing! It's easy!

Now, do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes of your time just to look. No commitments, no harrassment, just a peak! It could change your life!

Please visit to get started!

I will contact you to simply find out what you liked best about what you see.

Thank you and I'll see you at the top!

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  1. Hi Brett, just saw you on twitter, had to look at your site, I do that all the time.
    I dont suppose this plan works in Europe does it? I think I would be interested in something like this.
    Keep twittering and keep up that running, you'll find one day it will have been for a reason!